“You Red And You Look Like A Rat!”

You guessed it… it’s Wallace Wilson! Actually, my bad if I lost you on that one, he’s better known as Red Rat.

Wallace Wilson was born in St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica on January 17, 1978. Red Rat’s father was very involved with music, having been the guitarist for the band, Jimmy James and the Vagabonds and for Byron Lee & the Dragonaires in the 1970s and ‘80s, Red Rat had naturally taken the stage by the age of four. He began singing in the Jamaica’s tourist/hospitality circuit and, by age 12, he and his brother’s band released his first single, ‘Can’t Live Without You’.

The single caught the attention of Danny Browne, producer/musician and CEO of Main Street Records, and the rest was history. Under Browne’s tudiledge, Red Rat was able to get experience while he worked with other artists on the label like, General Degree, Buccaneer, Papa San, Lt. Stitchie, Lady G, Richie Stephens and Junior Tucker.

It was actually fellow Main Street Records artiste, General Degree, who said the famous line. “You red and you look like a rat!”  From then on everyone knew him by the name, Red Rat, and by his trademark catchphrase, “Oh, No!”

Red Rat released his debut album, “Oh No….It’s Red Rat!” in 1997 after he graduate high school. The album became a bestseller with memorable hits like Shelly Ann’, ‘Dwayne’, ‘Big Man, Little Yute’, and, of course, Tight Up Skirt.

Nowadays, Red Rat can be found working hard at his music label Infinity Moguls Inc., which he co owns with his business partner and artiste, Pascalle. Based in South Florida, U.S.A, the two have been big in the Spanish market recording, producing, and writing for various artists.

Red Rat is expected to release his highly anticipated 4th studio album in late 2019. We will be (not so) patiently waiting!!