WWBD: What Would Beyoncé Do? Alter Egos Can Be Beneficial To Mental Health

August 19, 2020

Do you have an alter ego?

Celebrities like Beyoncé, Adele, Nicki Minaj, and Janet Jackson all have created alter egos. Because of this, they were able to overcome anxiety, fear, or shyness. The reason I’m bringing this up is that I’m seriously considering creating an alter ego to help me overcome some of my challenges.

After reading an article on BBC.com it makes sense to create an alter ego to take on challenges. The article says having an alter ego can be empowering. The reason is self-distancing because it gives you a different perspective. Self-distancing helps a person to take a step back from a situation and look at it without any emotions or feelings.

Creating an alter ego could also shift our perspective even if its a small shift it still allows us to see things differently. So instead of you feeling like you can’t get ahead at work, for example, the alter ego would allow you the space to feel like you can handle the work. You would have more of a can-do let’s knock this out attitude than an I can’t do this is too much attitude. Patience and peace versus a feeling of being overwhelmed and anxious.

Psychologists are researching this, especially with kids. An alter ego can help you find the willpower to achieve more and activate self-discipline. It’s pretty interesting so with that said I think I’m going to give it a try!

Check out the article when you get a chance it’s a long read but a good one. The Batman Effect’: How Having An Alter Ego Empowers You

If you created an alter ego what would his or her name be? And what type of alter ego would you create?

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