Woman Shared Video of Date “Either Walk Home Or Go Back To His Place”

May 20, 2022

A woman shared a video of her date telling her to either walk home or go back to his place. In a series of viral videos, user @jaipurlan documents a date gone wrong after she rejected her date’s invitation to go back to his apartment.

“So you’re just going to sit on your phone?” the video says. While she doesn’t show his face, the man tells her: “Yeah, are you going to get up and start walking?”

“Why do I have to walk?” she asks.

“You’re close enough to walk,” he responds.

“But you drove me here; that doesn’t make sense to me,” she says.

“We spent the whole day together obviously I’m attracted to you. I don’t know what the issue is. You can either come back to my place or walk,” the man says.

When she replies that she doesn’t know him that well to go back to his place, he claims he doesn’t have gas to waste if she won’t go home with him.

According to the social media caption, she paid him $20 worth of gas prior to the date as well as paid for both of their meals at the restaurant. She said he claimed it was because his check “hadn’t come in yet.” She wrote he did end up giving her $6 for his portion, though according to a follow-up video, the meal cost almost $20. To Read More Click Here.

Source: Dailydot.com

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