Woman Eats $7000 To Hide Money From Cheating Husband

May 8, 2017

This 30 year old woman from Colombia get’s honorary Dumb Dumb of The Day!

Sandra Milena Almeida literally ate $7000 to hide the money from her husband who was apparently cheating on her. 

The money was her entire life savings that she didn’t want her husband to have after she learned he had a side chick. Mr. Almeida found where she had originally hid the money and told her he was taking half.

So in an act of desperation Sandra ate the $100 dollar bills to keep her husband from touching it. After she consumed the money she wasn’t feeling well so she went to the hospital where she had to have surgery to remove the money.

Doctors confirmed they removed $5700 (57 $100 bills rolled up) from her stomach and they found some extra rolls of $100 bills in Mrs. Almeida’s intestines.

The Director of Surgery at University Hospital of Santander, Juan Paulo Serrano told reporters the money wasn’t wrapped for transport so the woman was acting in desperation due to her situation with her spouse.

Would you eat money to hide it from your spouse?

No… I didn’t think so. I would just hide it where I know my spouse won’t look like in the fabric softener box or something other than my stomach.

Source: BBC.com