Why Chance The Rapper Is My Favorite Artist Besides Beyoncé

March 7, 2017

Chance The Rapper is helping the kids in the Chicago area which he said they are “one of our most valuable resources” by donating $1 million dollars to the Chicago Public School’s.

And that is JUST the beginning he will also be donating an additional $10,000 for every $100,000 they receive to the school of their choosing. But he didn’t start giving back with this donation he has been working to help, heal, and cultivate young people for years. 

Here is a rundown of what he has done and why he is one of my favorite people (besides Beyoncé) in the world right now.

Chance The Rapper is a humanitarian. He started giving back in his teens by distributing combination jacket-sleeping-bags to the homeless. He also started Open Mike for teens in the Chicago area and he curated a free festival for teens only called Teens In The Park.

He engages his fans with pop up shows and treasure hunts via social media. He recently bought out the Chatham Theatre in Chicago for the movie “Get Out” so his fans could go see the movie for free.

Chance created a music festival called The Magnificent Coloring Day featuring artist like his mentor Kanye West, Alicia Keys, 2 Chainz, John Legend, and Lil Wayne.  He put the festival together to create jobs and attract tourist dollars to Chicago saying “the city needed to have happy moments.” His festival broke ballpark record attendance.

He likes to keep his ticket prices low so his shows are affordable to people with lower income.

Chance’s mother is work’s for the Illinois Attorney General Office and his father worked for the Mayor’s office but now is an executive with Chicago’s tourism bureau. He uses his parents connections to help him give back to his community.

Chance is a thinker, a creator, a dream releaser.  Through his artistry he is the first ever to steam only with Coloring Book – no physical releases. By the way he is NOT signed to a label AND his music is FREE.


He has a tattoo on his chest right above his heart that say’s “Get Back To Work” written backwards so it faces him in the mirror.

He has a daughter named Kinsley. His daddy life hacks were absolutely adorable and I admire him for showing his fans being a father is cool. He dropped the jewel on how to care for your child’s hair without hurting her head.


This young man is an example of love, light, peace, and evolution. #LoveHim

Source: Billboard

– Reign



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