Who Has More Road Rage Men Or Women, And Where?

December 6, 2022

According to Get Circuit, men were believed to be most responsible for road rage. Women rated other women as bigger initiators of angry driving. The Get Circuit survey found that 40% of drivers admitted to speeding, and 24% admitted to using angry hand gestures. Overall, those we surveyed thought city drivers were the angriest (24%), followed by drivers in rural areas (22%) and the suburbs (16%). Half of our respondents believed men were the most likely of all to show road rage — even more so than sports car drivers (35%). Only 31% thought women were angrier drivers, but interestingly, most female respondents disagreed. Women were 71% more likely than men to accuse other women of road rage.

The good news is more dangerous activities rate lower on the list, such as tailgating, where 16% confirmed, and brandishing a weapon, which only 4% of drivers admitted doing. An alarming 65% of drivers admit to carrying weapons in their vehicles to keep them safe. Half said they carried a knife, while 40% carried a gun. The city with the most hotheads on the road was Eugene, Oregon. Buffalo NY came in at 10.

Source: Yahoo

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