Where Should Remaining COVID-19 Relief Fund Money Be Spent?

September 30, 2020

There is about $4 billion left over from the Coronavirus Relief Fund that Albany lawmakers have yet to spend.

Assemblyman Harry Bronson, along with plenty of other state officials, are urging Governor Cuomo to give the surplus to struggling non-profit organizations.

Local non-profits like the Open Door Mission have been able to stay afloat because they’ve gotten donations from the community.

Executive Director of the Open Door Mission Anna Valeria-Iseman commented, saying:

“Normally we see our revenue increase during fall and winter, the weather gets cold, holidays come, people start thinking about giving, so what we don’t know is if folks have exhausted that giving capacity earlier in the year.”

According to Bronson, across the Finger Lakes Region, 17,000 people are employed by 740 non-profit organizations and their total annual wages are under $460 million.


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