What “Inspiring Beauty” Means To You

February 12, 2016

Empowering beauty involves discovering one’s self-worth! This endeavor first entails finding your identity, the very thing you were created to be! Each one of us were created as something unique and special. Connecting with that identity empowers oneself to begin to step in their potential, which is endless. It’s beautiful! It empowers!

I myself struggled with finding my inner beauty. I struggled with self-confidence and worth. When I became a single parent it made me dig deep because I knew I had a little girl watching me. I want her to grow up realizing she is beautiful and she can make a difference in the world! First though, it started with me!

I began to love myself. I began to value me! The more I did this the more I realized I had purpose, I actually started believing it. It became me. I not only had purpose but I had significant purpose! It inspired me to seek growth within my job and in my spiritual life. My vision has begun to unfold. Not only has beauty empowered me to those looking, it provides a role model. Not only to my daughter but among my female peers within the Rochester community.

When someone tries to tear you down, with you empowering beauty, you will have the confidence to know that you’re an amazing woman no matter what someone else has to say. Though I am still a young woman I am inspired by the power I am finding in myself and excited about the bright future I have ahead of me. Though struggles may come and the road may at times be difficult I am determined to fulfill all that I was created to be!

Written by Jasmine Poles

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