What If Jobs Had Nurses Like Schools?

December 5, 2019

Written by DJ Reign

Would you work for a company that has nurses on call for when you call in sick to make sure you are actually sick?

The restaurant chain Chipotle actually has nurses on call to verify if you are sick or hungover according to Business Insider.

CEO Brian Niccol said in a conference Wednesday that they have a very different food-safety culture than the restaurant chain had two years ago. He also said if you say you’re sick you have to call in to the nurse they have on call to verify if you are sick or hungover. If you are truly sick then they will pay for the day to get better.

This is all because of the 2017 outbreak of the norovirus among the customers in one of the Virginia restaurants. It was found the norovirus outbreak was caused by managers not following safety protocols allowing a sick employee to work.

Chipotle has also stated they have a cleaner that kills norovirus on the tables.

I think Chipotle is setting precedent and more companies will follow suit. The upside to this is it will cut down on employees getting co-workers and customers sick. The downside is if you are someone who has a tendency to call in and not genuinely be sick you will have a hard time securing that bag.

Lastly, the best thing to do if you are really sick is just stay home!

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