Watercooler Topic: How To Avoid Deer Accidents

Wednesday’s Watercooler topic with injury attorney Al Parisi was what to do when you encounter a deer while driving.  

In Rochester we have a high deer population especially around this time of year so PLEASE be careful when driving.

Here are a few driving tips for areas you may encounter a deer:

1. Slow down and pay attention

2. SLOW DOWN and PAY ATTENTION (put your phone down).

3. Watch for the glow of the eyes. They look kind of like small reflectors and slow down once you see them.

4. Buckle up – put on your seatbelt. Most injuries with deer accident are a result of people not wearing their seatbelt.

5. Do NOT swerve it may confuse the deer causing an accident or you may swerve into oncoming traffic.

6. If a deer runs in front of your vehicle do not slam on the breaks it will cause your car to dip and the deer can go through your windshield. Ease your foot off of the breaks once you collide with a deer.

7. When you see a deer on the side of the road slow down because deer are unpredictable.

Last but not least, if you are injured in an accident call Al from Parisi & Bellivia 232-8000

For more on deer safety click Geico.com