UPDATE: Gun Found At School #7 Was For A Hit Put On Student

Federal Investigators intercepted two calls from an inmate in Pennsylvania at Allenwood Correctional Facility after routine monitoring of phone calls. The recorded calls involved information about a hit that was placed on a student from Rochester.

Apparently, the inmate was trying to stop the murder of a student that attends School #7. After hearing the two conversations Federal Investigators immediately contacted the Rochester Police Department.

RPD placed the school on lockout to investigate and discovered the gun for the hit in the dumpster at School #7 back on April 5th.

RPD has not made any arrest in connection with the gun that was found. The investigation continues.

I am so glad authorities foiled this plot because lord knows we do not need another child losing their life in our community. We will keep you updated on this story.

Source: 13WHAM