Trey Songz Snapchat Post’s Will Be Used Against Him At His Trial

SMH…. Looks like Trey Songz’s social media is going to cost him big time.  

Last year on December 28th, Trey Songz was arrested after his concert for assaulting an officer. He was charged with one count of assaulting an officer and one count of aggravated assault when he punched an officer in the face and threw stuff after his microphone was cut off in Detroit at Joe Luis Arena.

Tremaine Neverson was present this past Tuesday at his pre-trial hearing where the Judge granted the motions by the prosecution to allow Trey’s recent Snapchat post in the trial.

Apparently they obtained photos and videos from Trigga’s Snapchat when he was put out of MGM in Vegas for causing a scene. The singer yelled “f*** the police” on video and put up his middle fingers.

The judge also said the prosecution can argue Trey encouraged the crowd at his December concert to yell “f*** the police.”

Damn Trey!

If he is found guilty he faces a one-year sentence and up to two years probation.

Keep posting and the courts will keep prosecuting. Reminder Snapchat posts never disappear – nothing posted on the internet EVER goes away.

Lesson of the day AGAIN: Be careful of what you post on your social media it can and will be used against you in the court of law, by your employer or potential employer, by colleges, schools, and in any potential opportunities for advancement in life in general.


Source: CBS Detroit