Three Strikes You’re Out – New Rule Proposed In Ohio For Heroin Users

Ohio has a serious problem when it comes to drug use especially when it comes to overdose deaths. A politician in Middleton, Ohio is proposing a controversial plan to address the heroin overdose issue called “three strikes and you’re out” rule.  

After two overdoses, if you are a heroin addict and have not cooperated with the program or completed the community service 911 dispatchers would not send first responders with the life-saving drug Narcan.

Ohio’s overdose rates continues to skyrocket, according to reports the state is one of the five top cities that have the highest rates of heroin overdose deaths.

2016 there were 74 deaths and so far this year Middleton has had 51.

Middleton Councilman Dan Picard said “If the dispatcher determines that the person who’s overdosed is someone who’s been part of the program for two previous overdoses and has not completed the community service and has not cooperated in the program, then we wouldn’t dispatch.”

Right now by law first responders have to provide Narcan when responding to an overdose.