Tampa Serial Killer Caught

The St. John University graduate was taken into custody after a key piece of evidence was turned in.

Howell Donaldson III, 24, gave his manager a “McDonald’s food bag” and said he planned to leave the state. Inside the bag was a .40-caliber Glock the same gun linked to multiple murders throughout the area. The manager took the gun to police.

Donaldson has not admitted to committing the killings but told police he is the owner of the weapon.

The first three victims were killed in October, all within 11 days. Benjamin Mitchell, 22, was killed Oct. 9. Then 34 year old Monica Hoffa’s body was found Oct. 13. On Oct, 19th, 20 year old Anthony Naiboa was killed after taking the wrong bus home from work, according to police. Finally the fourth victim was 60-year-old Robert Felton, who was  shot from behind on Nov. 14.

The local tip line guaranteed the person that helped find the serial filler would get a $5,000 reward. However, she won’t receive a dime. The tip line claims since she went straight to the police with the incriminating evidence instead of calling the tip line she no longer is deserving of the reward money.