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Wegmans Recalls 1,100 Pounds Of Chicken Products


If you’ve been to Wegmans in the last week and purchased any chicken products you might want to double check if the package is one that is on the recall list.

The reason for the recall is the chicken was produced without the benefit of federal inspection from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety & Inspection Service according to WHAM 13 NewsContinue reading Wegmans Recalls 1,100 Pounds Of Chicken Products

LPGA Leaves Rochester

The event that brings in thousands each year has decided in the year of 2015, not to return to Rochester, NY.

The former Wegman’s LPGA Tournament voids Rochester while they take the tournament downstate to Westchester County. The Tournament will be under the new name of KPMG Women’s PGA Championship.

Many Rochestarians would mark their calendars early for this event and wait in lines to get tickets to see the women play. It was an event that evoked a lot of participation in volunteer efforts and by support for the golfers.

Volunteers was among the main interest in Rochester, NY. The reason being is that you have a chance to meet people with big names and also be a part of a legendary tournament.

It is a disappointment that tournament has decided to part ways with their Rochester venue. Rochester by far had the most supporters coming out for the tournament each year and this was reported from golfers themselves.

The speculation of the move is money motivated. Going down in Westchester is of course going to bring the tournament more money.

A local Pauline Sherwood from Webster stated, “I always went to it, always went to it. It was marvelous when the best people were here too. I mean the old timers, yeah. But it’s long gone now, it’s unfortunate, but something will take its place, it always happens.”

This will be the first year since 1977 that the tournament is not held in Rochester.

Wishing the tournament the best, we just hope they will return back to the popular fan-base they have in Rochester in the years to come.


written by Sedria Thomas