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Voting Information For Tuesday Primaries

Today is the day to VOTE!

Polling sites are open from 12pm-9pm.

Why 12pm? Because this is for the “Primary Election” where voters who are enrolled in a party nominate a party candidate and party officers who they feel best represents their needs.

To look up your voter information to ensure you are enrolled in a party before you he’d to vote or to find your polling site click monroecounty.gov

If you need a ride between 5pm-9pm today call 585-957-1420 to arrange a ride courtesy of Feel Safe VIP.


Best Presidential Election Meme’s

So Donald Trump is elected President of the United States… Stranger things have happened.. Wait, Stranger Things Season 2 is coming back on Netflix in 2017 yessssss a win for me!!

Okay, www.mindanews.com/buy-accutane/ okay, back on topic…. So Trump is elected President and you know social media is here for the memes. Here are some of the best.




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Happy Election Day Vote, Vote, Vote!

Presidential election in the USA - poster

If you need information on your polling site or not sure where you need to go to vote call the Monroe County Board Of Elections (585)753-1550 or click MonroeCounty.gov.

If you need a ride to your polling site click here.

If you are not registered and would like to vote in this election you can contact the Democrat Headquarters (585)434-1620 or Republican Headquarters (585)546-8040 for more on Court Ordered Voting.

Voting Twice Can Land You In Jail

Terri Lynn Rote Photo: Leigh Munsil/Twitter
Terri Lynn Rote Photo: Leigh Munsil/Twitter

Donald Trump has said it more than one “election is rigged” and apparently it is the truth according to one of his supporters who voted two times.

An Iowa woman did just that – voted twice in two different locations. She was arrested and charged with first-degree election misconduct then released on $5000 bail. The 55 year-old woman whose name isTerry Lynn Rote said “I don’t know what came over me.” She went on insisting that the “polls are rigged”.

I wonder how many other Trump supporters have the same sentiments…. Hmmm.

To read more click NYMag.com

Vote Today!


Polls for the Presidential Primary in Monroe County are open today 12pm – 9pm.

To vote in the primaries you have to be a registered voter and enrolled in any of the political parties holding the election for a Presidential candidate.

If you are not sure where to go to vote or if you need more information you can call the Monroe County Board of Elections 585 753-1550 or click MonroeCounty.gov.