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Say Whaaaaat??.. CVS Employees Hide & Call The Police After Two Black Men Ask For Cheese

Uhhh… It sounds like a bad joke. Two black men walk into a CVS and asked for sliced cheese. That is exactly what happened at a CVS in Virginia.

Two black men asked a CVS employee if they sold sliced cheese and the employee politely said the store did not and then they vanished.

The two men, Rick Berry and his roommate Phillip Blackwell said they looked around and they were the only two people in the store. A few moments later a police officer arrived.

The officer along with the two men looked for the employees and even opening the emergency door to sound the alarm. Shortly after and they found them huddled together in a backroom.

After making a few phone calls the officer asked the two men to leave the store.

The roommates said the officer remained friendly with them throughout the ordeal and was only doing what he was asked.

An apology was issued by a CVS spokesperson for the employee. The individual who notified the police will got through an interview and more training in light of this situation.

Who knew asking for sliced cheese while being black was a crime.

Guess you learn something new everyday.

Here is the news clip I couldn’t believe it myself smh.


Source: NYDailyNews.com