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Should You Watch What You Watch On Your Media Diet?


Have you ever heard of a media diet? Neither have I up until now. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics you should watch what your child consumes when it comes to food and media.

A healthy and balanced media diet will have a better effect on a child’s behavior. Interesting to say the least but, I would also apply this to adults especially the time we are living in and how violent society has become.

Anyway enough of me ranting, when you get a moment check out this article How To Help Kids Cope With Violence In The Media click CBS.com

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The thought of being a parent and having to worry every day whether your child is going to make it through the day without getting that one heart breaking phone call is difficult. People now a days are so focused on the hatred going on around the world that the respect level towards each other has fallen dramatically.

The small arguments that people use to just be able to brush off, now resort into violence. I believe the social media drama/humiliation also plays a big part in it. What starts behind a cell phone screen or computer screen now ends up in the streets.

I have come across some instances, where I have to ask myself is this worth it? Should I give this person the reaction their looking for, or just go on about my business? I understand everyone’s life isn’t easy; everyone has their own demons their battling whether it is at home, work, school or even on the bus. But there’s no reason why people are losing their lives to something as small as a dice game, a dirty look, or who’s wearing what type of brand name clothing.

If I was to react to every single thing that ticked me off in my life, I wouldn’t have seen past the age of 16. We’re losing kids, who will never get the opportunity to experience the feeling of building their own families. Having a little person who is half of them, and half of their significant other to teach them right from wrong and starting a life of their own.

Instead we have parents who have given birth to their babies, cherished them, created a life for them, just for them to be taken away without any sympathy. That’s someone’s brother, sister, cousin, uncle, aunt, son, daughter, mentor, best friend…

I can just hope one day these kids and adults can wake up and realize regardless of your feelings towards someone, that’s someone else’s family that’s hurting.

3 killed 4 hospitalized after drive by shooting in Rochester

Last night, proceeding a basketball game outside of the Boys and Girls Club on Genesee 3 people were killed in a drive by shooting.  Two of the three that were killed were children, young men, 17 and 19 years old – Jonah Barley and Raekwon Manigault.

Four more were injured and are currently hospitalized. We will provide more information as its released. If you have any information please make it available.


Text us at the Frontline (585)678-1039 with your thoughts on this story.

Federal Assistance Headed To Baltimore Due To Record Violence

Strolling through the news this morning I came across an article about Baltimore and the record setting murder spike. The city has faced an increase in violence since the riots erupted over the death of Freddie Grey a few months ago.

What I find intriguing about the article is it sounds very similar to the “war on drugs” campaign of the 70’s.

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