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The Internet Drags Taylor Swift For Her Cover Of September

Sooooo, over the weekend a lot happening all over the place in the world of entertainment for example Cardi B. pregnant and all put on a hell of a performance at Coachella   Beychella on Sunday.

BUT in the wee hours of Sunday morning the Queen as in Queen Bey came through and tore it all the way up renaming Coachella Beychella!!

We will get to that later, first let’s talk about Taylor Swift and this whole cover she did of Earth, Wind, and Fire’s song September. Continue reading The Internet Drags Taylor Swift For Her Cover Of September

Drake vs. Bench Press

You remember when Taylor Swift was running on the treadmill and bust her a** listening to Drake & Future – Jumpman in the Apple Music Taylor vs. Treadmill commercial?? Funny right!

Well Drake now has his own Apple Music commercial Drake vs. Bench Press listening to Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood and it’s pretty darn funny!

Check it out below and just in case you forgot about the Taylor vs. Treadmill ad I’ve included that one too.


Taylor Swift Speaks Apple Listens

The music industry has changed significantly when it comes to album sales and for any artist in general making money off of their music isn’t what it used to be.

Album sales continue to decline so new artist find themselves questioning whether or not to continue on. Add another obstacle to that equation – online streaming.

It seems as if all odds are against any up and coming artist but no fear Taylor Swift is here!

Taylor Swift is one of the few artist who understands what it takes to be successful and knows how to use her power of influence to make a difference.

She recently took to tumblr to express her concerns with Apple and them not paying artist royalties for three months via it’s online streaming services.

Within 24 hours Apple agreed to change their policy.

To read in depth click here: www.eonline.com