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World Records Held Before 2005 May No Longer Exist

If you are a conspiracy theorist, truth teller, or false flagger then you would might say this news article I came across in Sports Illustrated is the “Mandela Effect” or the “reset”.

Hmmm….. Anyway, the move by the International Association of Athletics Federation would make things very interesting in the world of sports and be unprecedented if they actually push this new rule through and “reset” world records held by by athletes in track and field.   Continue reading World Records Held Before 2005 May No Longer Exist

Meet The New $217 Million Man In Sports – David Price

The Boston Red Sox have agreed to a seven-year deal with David Price worth $217 million. Price, who just became the highest paid pitcher in baseball history, has pitched great at Fenway Park (6–1 with a 1.95 ERA in 11 starts); he has excelled in the cauldron of the AL East (he is 29–4 on the road in Boston, New York, Baltimore and Toronto); he has maintained his velocity (his average four-seam velocity from last season of 94.9 mph was his best since 2012) But, went without winning any of his eight postseason starts. His teams lost every time he started a postseason game. (In fairness, they also scored 19 runs in those eight games.) Despite that Bill Pucko from the TV Show “Rochester Press Box” (and Red Sox Fan) Loves David Price. I talked to him about that; Kobe Bryant Retiring is Sad to See, But Great for Business and Aquinas Football.

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Written by Wake Up Club’s Tariq Spence

Buffalo Bills OL Coach Aaron Kromer Arrested

If witnessing your hometown team struggle season after season or hear rumors of a player sliding into an adult film stars DMs wasn’t enough, the Buffalo Bills continue to upset their fans.

With training camp coming up very soon you would think everybody would be on their best behavior, right? Well it is the NFL and with all the controversies happening in the sports world it is not surprising that another incident has occurred to make fans wonder “What is going on?”

Early Sunday morning, Buffalo Bills offensive line coach Aaron Kromer was arrested in Florida on a misdemeanor battery charge. He allegedly punched a boy in the face and threatened to kill his family.

In a statement released by the Walton County sheriff’s office, Kromer and his son allegedly confronted three boys, who had been fishing on the beach, over the use of beach chairs.

Kromer, 48 was upset that the boys took the chairs from where they were at originally and took his anger out by pushing one of the boys to the ground and punching him in the face. He then told the boys to return the chairs where they found them and that he would kill their family if they reported him to the police.

Aaron Kromer was booked into the Walton County Jail at 1:51 a.m. ET and was released on bond at 3:10 a.m.

“We are aware of the report and in the process of gathering the facts,” the Bills said in a statement released later Sunday morning.

The NFL is reviewing the case, a source told ESPN…

Punching a boy over a stolen chair? The sports world has gone crazy in the last couple of months and this arrest shows the fans that some people in the public eye should remain out of it. Hopefully he learns his lesson and doesn’t get dismissed on his first season as the OL coach.

The Bills have an interesting season ahead of them but on the other hand training camp is coming up July 31st through August 25th. Come out for football fun.


written by: Sedria Thomas