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Get Ready License Plate Readers At Eastview Mall


Do not say we didn’t give you a heads up! Thursday Ontario County Sheriff and Eastview Mall announced they have implemented a new technology to keep shoppers safe.

License plate readers have been placed at all 4 entrances of the mall. So what does that mean for you? It’s simple if you have a warrant, or you’re “riding dirty” just don’t drive out there because you will find yourself in cuffs. With the readers there will also be more officers in place.

Every single car that pulls up into the mall will be scanned which Deputy John Storer said “We would just be notified of the ones that are one of these. I would call them a hot list.”

The “hot list” includes people wanted for felonies, folks who have a habit of stealing aka “boosters”, and known scammers.

Oh and just so you know if the vehicle you are driving is not legal in any way or stolen you will get pulled so don’t chance it.

This is not just for the holiday season the plate readers are there to stay permanently.

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