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Shark Month


Has there ever been a time when you were terrified of the thought that you could get bitten by a shark? Well now is that time!
In the past 2 weeks of June there has been a reported 6 shark attacks by the Carolina coasts.
The thing that is bothering people is the question, “What is bringing the Sharks closer to shore?”
Scientists have been doing their research and have come to a couple conclusions:
1. The Sharks are simply in feeding
2. Sea Turtles(Sharks’ Food)are coming to shore to hatch their eggs
3. Fisherman attracting them with “chum”
4. Simply because more people are swimming
The shark experts wants the public to know these are not the dealing of “Jaws” like sharks but the works of sharks such as bull or tiger sharks.
The most recent attack put a teenager in the status of serious condition Sunday.
The 18 year old nearly died when he was bitten on his right calf, buttocks and both hands.
These attacks are on the rise so take precaution with these few tips:
1. Always stay in groups since sharks tend to attack a solitary individual
2. Don’t wander far from shore
3. Avoid going in the water during darkness
4. Don’t ever water if you are bleeding
5. Don’t harass a shark if you spot one
Just because these shark attacks are on the rise doesn’t mean you can’t take a friendly vacation to the Carolinas. So take precautions as you enjoy the nice weather and the beaches.
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written by Sedria Thomas