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3 Phases of Social Media/Publicized Relationships


Often times you would hear people say, “If you want your relationship to last, keep it off social media.” Although there is some truth to this statement, some couples can find longevity through social media showboatism (yes I made that word up), but there are levels to this. Below are a list of phases, that I’ve observed and experienced with social media publicized relationships.
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Girlfriend Murdered in Altercation in Bedroom


WARNING: The details of this column are EXTREMELY graphic

The most important rule in moving on to a new relationship is not to mix up your current significant others’ name with your Ex. In many cases this accident usually causes arguments or break ups but unfortunately for a South Florida woman, it essentially lead to her death.


Fidel Lopez, 24, is being charged in the death of his girlfriend after he admitted to exenterating her intestines after she called out her ex-husband’s name during sexual intercourse.

In extreme details Lopez told the police the gruesome details of that night. Lopez said he was drunk and became extremely angry, Sunday morning, when his girlfriend called out another man’s name during sex in their Sunrise apartment. He then fessed up to destroying their apartment by punching a sliding glass door, punching holes in the wall and ripping a door off its hinges.

While his girlfriend, Maria Nemeth, was lying unconscious on the floor he then began to sexually mutilate her. He admitted to mutilating her with various objects including his entire forearm. While inside he proceeded to rip out part of her intestines.

In a crazy drunk realization that she wasn’t breathing, Lopez tried to revive her by going to the bathroom and splashing water on her face.

Around 4 a.m., 911 received a call saying that his lover was not breathing.

Police arrived to the house to find Lopez crying by Nemeth’s body and intestines.


I know that alcohol does a lot to a person but does it act in a way that one will have the nerve to act like an animal feasting on its prey? If that is so, whatever he was drinking needs to come off the market as soon as possible before there is another savage attack as this one.

Some people in this world have no appreciation for life on this earth but rather behind bars.

In essence, this situation could have been easily avoided without a death and a murder charge.

Individuals like himself are not mentally stable to be in any relationship because mistakes do happen and unfortunately this woman had to suffer from it.


Written By Sedria Thomas

Dear Deka: Annoyed and Fed Up

Dear Deka,

I’ve been having problems lately between my boyfriend and my friends. They can’t seem to get along with each other and its really starting to bother me. The other day they called me and asked if I wanted to join them at the beach for some drinks and girl talk. But of course the minute I told them my boyfriend was with me they ditched out on the plans. What should I do about this? I can’t keep up with the nonsense anymore.


Annoyed & Fed up

Dear Annoyed and Fed up,

Do you have an idea on what could have caused the conflict between your boyfriend and your friends? Or maybe a bad vibe was given out during one of your hangouts. I understand that sometimes girls just want to have girl time without the opposite sex around because, sometimes it can make things a bit awkward. There shouldn’t be a reason why every occasion is a no guy zone allowed, that would make any man suspicious as to why he’s banned from the outings.  Or maybe your boyfriend could have made it very clear to them that he doesn’t care to be around, so to avoid an awkward situation, they just avoid being around each other. My suggestion would be to plan something out doors where you can have your girls around and your boyfriend as well, to make it a social event invite some of his friends also. This will demolish, or even distract the tension that’s going on between them. As everyone’s having a good time (play music, drinks, food, etc..) try to have them join each others’ company and slowly put it out on the table. Let them know that you’re tired of being in the middle. That no matter what your friends will not be going anywhere, and try to give your boyfriend understanding  there’s going to be days when you just want to kick back and hang with the girls. Just make sure you make time for both to avoid having this situation blow back up in your face again. Hope it works out!!


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