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Holiday Horror

Mother and Daughter Found Dead – Shot in House
A mother and daughter were found dead inside a house on Wellington Avenue.
Christie Brooks and her 18-year-old daughter, Victoria, were shot on Friday.

Christie was the mother of eight.



Girlfriend Murdered in Altercation in Bedroom


WARNING: The details of this column are EXTREMELY graphic

The most important rule in moving on to a new relationship is not to mix up your current significant others’ name with your Ex. In many cases this accident usually causes arguments or break ups but unfortunately for a South Florida woman, it essentially lead to her death.


Fidel Lopez, 24, is being charged in the death of his girlfriend after he admitted to exenterating her intestines after she called out her ex-husband’s name during sexual intercourse.

In extreme details Lopez told the police the gruesome details of that night. Lopez said he was drunk and became extremely angry, Sunday morning, when his girlfriend called out another man’s name during sex in their Sunrise apartment. He then fessed up to destroying their apartment by punching a sliding glass door, punching holes in the wall and ripping a door off its hinges.

While his girlfriend, Maria Nemeth, was lying unconscious on the floor he then began to sexually mutilate her. He admitted to mutilating her with various objects including his entire forearm. While inside he proceeded to rip out part of her intestines.

In a crazy drunk realization that she wasn’t breathing, Lopez tried to revive her by going to the bathroom and splashing water on her face.

Around 4 a.m., 911 received a call saying that his lover was not breathing.

Police arrived to the house to find Lopez crying by Nemeth’s body and intestines.


I know that alcohol does a lot to a person but does it act in a way that one will have the nerve to act like an animal feasting on its prey? If that is so, whatever he was drinking needs to come off the market as soon as possible before there is another savage attack as this one.

Some people in this world have no appreciation for life on this earth but rather behind bars.

In essence, this situation could have been easily avoided without a death and a murder charge.

Individuals like himself are not mentally stable to be in any relationship because mistakes do happen and unfortunately this woman had to suffer from it.


Written By Sedria Thomas

Judge sets Ohio police officer’s murder trial for November

By Ginny McCabe

CINCINNATI (Reuters) – A former University of Cincinnati police officer charged with murder in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black motorist during a traffic stop will stand trial in November, a judge said on Wednesday.

Ray Tensing, 25, has pleaded not guilty to murder and voluntary manslaughter charges in the death of Samuel DuBose, 43, who was shot in the head after Tensing stopped him for a missing license plate on July 19.

Tensing was not present at the brief court hearing when Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Megan Shanahan scheduled his jury trial to begin Nov. 16.

Tensing, who was fired from his campus police job, was released on bond after an initial court appearance in July. He faces up to life in prison if convicted.

The incident was the latest in a series of fatal police confrontations in the United States that have raised questions about law enforcement’s use of force against racial minorities.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph Deters has said Tensing was not dragged by DuBose’s car as the officer had stated to justify the shooting. Tensing’s attorney, Stew Mathews, has said Tensing drew his weapon because he feared for his life during the altercation.

After the hearing on Wednesday, Mathews told reporters the defense would seek to have the trial moved from Hamilton County.

Prosecutors have released videos from body cameras worn by Tensing and two other university police officers who witnessed the shooting.

Tensing’s body-camera video showed the traffic stop and the shooting. After failing to provide a driver’s license at Tensing’s request, DuBose tried to prevent Tensing from opening the car door as the officer ordered him to remove his seat belt.

The car started slowly rolling forward as Tensing reached in and yelled for him to stop. The officer pulled his gun and fired once, killing DuBose.

On the video of a body camera from a fellow officer, Tensing repeatedly said he was dragged by DuBose’s car and got his arm stuck in the car.

One of the Two Twin Brothers Accused of Murder is Dismissed

One of the Two Twin Brothers Accused of Murder is Dismissed

Just about two months has passed since a teenager was brutally beaten and stabbed by two twin brothers in early June.

Trenton Nelson, the victim, was chased down by a North Clinton Ave pawn shop on June 2nd and was stabbed to death. The two who were accused of the murder were Juan Mojena and his twin brother Darvis Mojena. The grand jury indicted them on charges of 2nd degree murder June 15th.

It has been seven weeks since the teen was killed. He was only 16.

Now, one of the teens accused of murdering his classmate has had their murder charges dropped until further notice.

Stacy Kelly, the mother of the victim, was not in court on Monday for the first time since her son’s death.

She predicted that they were going to drop the charges for Juan Mojena.

“It seemed like the lawyer was really trying to push for this, and that they’re only trying to drag this out,” said Kelly.

Kelly and her family are going through a rough time awaiting the justice that deserves to be served for their beloved 16 year old who was killed by his former classmates and friends.

“How do you try to piece your life back together and then have to re-live it all over in January, That’s the hard part,” Kelly said.

The two brothers will remain in jail on no bail and will be back in court August 3rd.

written by : Sedria Thomas