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Now This Is A Big Baller, Shot Caller

When you read something and think I must have read that wrong or hear something and still say I must have heard that wrong… was that 100 million dollars!  A retired U of R professor started in 1995 investing in offshore start-up companies and amassed 200 million bucks and hid his bank in Switzerland.  Now the IRS is shaking his piggy bank to the tune of 100 million bucks that  he owns and without a blinking and eye can pony up 100 MILLION FRICKIN’  DOLLARS.  Not only is this a heck of a story or movie but HOLLA to the Simon Business School at U of R cause this emeritus professor proves it you took better notes in his class … you should have bank.

dan-horskyDaniel Horsky

Teach Me How To Count Money Cali Swag District


Another story of artists who got bamboozled by their agent. Apparently, Cali Swag District is claiming M.C. Hammer’s brother Louis Burrell stole more than $200,000 from them in royalties.

The group who is most known for the song Teach Me How To Dougie said that Burrell may of had someone on the inside at BMI (a music licensing company) sending him the checks instead of the group.

No lawsuit filed yet against Louis Burrell, but the group said they are going after BMI for sending the checks to the wrong person.

The group also offered some good advice for artist coming into the biz click TMZ.com to watch the video.


Guy Buys Girl A Drink Then Texts Asking For Money Back

You’re enjoying a night out at the club a guy comes up to you asking to buy you a drink, you oblige then exchange numbers. After a couple of weeks the guy texts you back to ask you to return the money he spent on that drink.

Would you give him the money back or nah?

Oh and yes THAT really happened to a British college student named Abby Fenton peep the tweet!

Abby took a survey on Twitter should she of gave Liam the money back check it out.