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Strange Things Are Happening The Power Of Sinclair Broadcasting Group #Propaganda

The current President and his regime are controlling local media outlets across America via Sinclair Broadcasting Group. Rochester is not exempt.

This has to be one of the most blatant and craziest videos I’ve seen in a while. The scariest part is Rochester’s News Channel 13WHAM  anchors are in this video, like right in the middle. #payattention  Continue reading Strange Things Are Happening The Power Of Sinclair Broadcasting Group #Propaganda

New teaching staff coming to East High

Rochester, NY (WROC) – After years of failing state benchmarks, East High School is trying to turn things around. But a new kind of school now means a new kind of staff, and those who are keeping their jobs face a different set of expectations.

Chef Jeff Christiano has a passion for food and teaching, and after 15 years at East High School, he’s one of the lucky educators who gets to return to the job he loves in the school he loves.

“The reason I’ve stayed here is the kids,” says Christiano. “The kids are amazing.”

The highly publicized school transformation led by University of Rochester is just months away. 350 teachers applied for spots to teach next year. Only 175 teachers got acceptance letters.

“More than two-thirds of those who applied from East are here,” says Dr. Shaun Nelms.

Deputy Superintendent Dr. Shaun Nelms says one-third of East High School teachers who applied were not accepted. Each teacher received emails encouraging the teachers to apply to other schools. Dr. Nelms says there were twice as many qualified candidates as there were spots. His goal was to get a diverse staff.

“The tough decision is how do you find a balance and create a new story for East?,” says Dr. Nelms.

The balance is all in the numbers. Nelms says 17% of new teachers come from non-city school districts or charter schools. 35% come from other schools in the Rochester City School District, and almost half (48%) are returning teachers from East High.

For educators like Chef Jeff, that means teaching his students in a new way, and leading by example in embracing the change.

“It isn’t about something happening to them,” says Jeff Christiano. “It’s about something happening with them. I think that’s what’s really going to turn this thing around.”

There are still nearly 20 unfilled staff positions for the upcoming school year. School leaders say they are looking for people who can be ‘all-in’ to the new vision for East High.

Natasha Alford