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Do You Understand What Consent Means? NY Knicks Player Derrick Rose Does Not


After reading this recent story about NBA player Derrick Rose I began to wonder how many other people don’t understand what consent means.

The civil case Rose is facing goes to trial October 4th but in his deposition Thursday, Derrick Rose was asked does he know what consent means and his reply was he did not.

The attorney for the accuser who is being identified as Jane Doe said that Rose was asked by the questioner “Do you have an understanding as to the word consent?” Rose replied, “No, but can you tell me.” The questioner then said “I just wanted to know if you had an understanding.” Rose, “No.”

According to a study done by Planned Parenthood showed that a higher percentage of men do not have a clear understanding of consent compared to women. Women also were significantly less likely to hold any misconceptions about sexual assault than men.

Of the people studied 93% feel that how to say no to sex should be taught in middle school and 87% feel how to give consent should be taught in high schools.

Bottom line I think what sexual consent means should be in the discussion along with safe sex or sex in general no matter age, race, religious beliefs, etc. It will prevent situations like this Derrick Rose case and many others going forward.

Let me leave you with this – when someone say’s no it means just that NO, STOP, DON’T… again NO MEANS NO.

For more on the consent to sex survey click Planned Parenthood

If you are not sure what consent means or just don’t understand here is a video that may help.

Source – USA Today