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Social Media Slams Colin Kaepernick But Proves His Point


Colin Kapernick shouldn’t have to say much more after folks took to social media in response to him sitting during the national anthem. His reason is to stand for people in this country who face the ugliness of oppression.

He said this past Sunday “This country stands for freedom, liberty, justice for all — and it’s not happening for all right now.”

Many people took to Twitter in response to his statement. The funny thing is in their anger and even hatred for the San Fransisco quarterback they pretty much proved his point!

WARNING: TWEETS MAY CONTAIN GRAPHIC & HATEFUL LANGUAGE  Continue reading Social Media Slams Colin Kaepernick But Proves His Point

Young and In Love

Have you ever felt love for someone to be so unreal that sometimes it’s weakening ? That one nerve in your body you never felt before until that one someone came along ? That one someone who can make your mood go from loving to extreme crazy in a matter of moments? Sometimes love not only can be the best feeling in the world but at some points the worst.

It could feel like a part of you is gone, or that empty feeling in your chest when you go to breathe whenever you think about them. Those emotions you put into someone can be those same emotions that person can take with them, or use against you. Which the sayings being “crazy in love,” “dangerously in love,” or loving someone unconditionally can come from.

But how is it possible that another human being can have that much power over you to control you, just by their actions? I guess to fully understand the feeling you must witness it. No amount of words can paint the picture into somebody’s mind about how love really is or the power it has over you. Because the words used to describe love by a certain individual doesn’t necessarily apply to the next.

Everyone has a different way on how they express their love, because of the different feelings, thoughts and emotions one sorts through their mind. And those thoughts/emotions can have a big impact on the ability on how someone can love another. But I know one thing for sure, in order to experience hate, you must know the feeling of being in love first.