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How Important is YOUR Hair

It’s hard to believe we’re in the 21st century and the slave mentality still exist but that’s reality. I watched a young black male High School Wrestler become the subject of public humiliation by having to cut his dreadlocks in front of his teammates, coach and entire gym of attendees or else, forfeit the game. He took the high road and had his dreadlocks cut because he put team first above himself; totally a selfless move. How many of us would have done this?  Can you imagine the devastation the high school wrestler suffered emotionally and physically; a decision that will impact him for the rest of his life. This all started because a white New Jersey referee with a history of racist comments stated the teen wasn’t in compliance with Wrestling regulations. See additional info on story here:

African woman with dreadlocks looking sideways outdoors in the summer
close-up portrait of a man hiding behind dreadlocks

Fashion Week: Lead The Way The Look And Who Created It

The amount of gratitude I hold in my heart to be able to say that I am a part of the culture and legacy of WDKX, which started off as an idea – a dream of founder Andrew A. Langston 43 years ago is unexplainable with just words. It’s something that I feel everyday I walk through the doors of 683 E. Main St.

With that said it was truly an honor representing WDKX in the Lead The Way event for Rochester’s Fashion Week!   Continue reading Fashion Week: Lead The Way The Look And Who Created It

Diversity in the Workplace

Recently, the Huffington Post  released an article titled Job Interviews, Diversity and the Feminist Woman of Color written by Ashley Velez.

The author challenges the socially accepted standards of professionalism set by Eurocentric views as she begins to interview for corporate jobs.

While we see a growing number of naturalistas taking roles of leadership in the corporate world, there unfortunately is still an invisible systematic mountain that is placed before women of color to climb.

I am impatiently awaiting the day when I see women wearing hijabs, locs, etc to work or on TV without people making them feel like some kind of spectacle.

Let’s focus on a woman’s knowledge, work ethic, and skill as preliminaries for professionalism instead of the way she looks.

Has your place of work ever made you feel as if your natural self was unacceptable or unprofessional? What did you do to challenge those standards?

Gentlemen, feel free to chime in as well. Many of you face the same natural struggle in the workforce. We want to hear your stories.

Check out the article and leave your thoughts on our Facebook page.



Flower City Hair Beauty and Wellness Expo

The Flower City Hair Beauty and Wellness Expo.
Sunday, April 19 
10:00am to 5:00pm
Kodak Theater on the Ridge 200 West Ridge Road.
A full day of skin care and make-up tutorials. Hair care and styling demonstrations for every diverse hair type.
Zumba, fitness and healthy lifestyle informational workshops, massage therapy sessions.
Tickets are $5 in advance and $7 day of the show at the door.  TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE online at  flowercityhairbeautyandwellnessexpo.com