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Beanie Sigel Get’s Knocked Out Over Meek Mill Diss (Video)

So the video surfaced of Teefy Bey who is a part of Meek Mill Dreamchasers camp apparently knocking out Beanie Sigel backstage at the Bad Boy Reunion show in Philly last week.

The reason Teefy knocked Beans out was because he “violated the code of the streets” for claiming he wrote Meek’s verses on his diss song OOOUUU to the Game. As a matter of fact Beans claims he wrote the entire song according to TMZ.

Anywho, Beanie Sigel still went on to perform at the show.

SMH… Meek swept around someone else’s door without cleaning up his yard… He is exposed, he is lame.. (Donald Trump voice) Okay..  moving forward..

Source: TMZ.com

Don’t Pokémon Go and Drive You Might Run Into Police Literally (Video)

Apparently a Baltimore man thought it was a good idea to play Pokémon Go and drive. #Fail

The man crashed into a Baltimore Police patrol car on the Pokémon hunt and kept going until he pulled over about a mile after hitting the vehicle.

When police asked if he was okay the man responded “That’s what I get for playing this dumb ass game.”

No one was injured check out the video below