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Watercooler Interview with RPD Chief Ciminelli Regarding the Shooting

Yesterday’s shooting was absolutely insane. We as a community have to work together to stand against up the violence in our city. Listen to RPD Chief Ciminelli’s interview regarding the shooting, updates, and things we can do as a community to help. We have to do better. Enough is enough…

WDKX Frontline Text on Drive By Victim Rae Rae

585: My name is Kiara Johnson. I’m 14 years old and I’m a YO at Teen Empowerment. Rae Rae was a close friend of mine. We cracked jokes and he always had me smiling. I remember him telling me about how he had to go to court so I figured he had gotten into something in the past… He was such a bright young man and he lost his life. Not because he was doing something wrong but because some ppl dont have a heart and theirs a lack of guidance. I feel like we need to ALL help encourage teens to become one community and family… We need to have closer relationships between youth and police to gain trust on both sides. We need parents to talk to their children and help educate them on the the things they do. We need more teen jobs to get teens off the corner and most of all we need love, support, wisdom and encouragement to do better. Please help us.

Thank you Kiara for your words.

Peace & Blessings



If you’d like to express your thoughts, concerns, or opinions please text the WDKX Frontline at (585) 678-1039

3 killed 4 hospitalized after drive by shooting in Rochester

Last night, proceeding a basketball game outside of the Boys and Girls Club on Genesee 3 people were killed in a drive by shooting.  Two of the three that were killed were children, young men, 17 and 19 years old – Jonah Barley and Raekwon Manigault.

Four more were injured and are currently hospitalized. We will provide more information as its released. If you have any information please make it available.


Text us at the Frontline (585)678-1039 with your thoughts on this story.