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Georgia Teen Wakes From Coma Speaking Spanish

Ruben Nsemoh
Ruben Nsemoh

Talk about a curse and a blessing! I came across a news story this morning that is amazing for two reasons. The Georgia teen who was injured is expected to be okay after a three day coma and he now speaks fluent Spanish.

16 year old, Rueben Nsemoh, suffered a life threatening head injury after being kicked in the head diving for a loose ball during a soccer game by another player.

Rueben was airlifted to the hospital where he spent a few days in the intensive care unit in a coma. He woke up after three days speaking fluent Spanish saying “Tengo hambre” which means “I’m hungry.” When Rueben tried to speak english he began having seizures.

Rueben told TIME magazine he had only known a few words and “It started flowing out,” he said “I felt like it was like second nature for me.”

Doctors say it’s not uncommon for something like this to happen.

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