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Rochester Police And U.S. Marshal’s Looking For Five Missing Children

Rochester Police are looking for five children from the Rochester area 5-year-old Mark Johnson Jr., 8-year-old William Manigault-Philpot, 10-year-old Marnaisha Johnson, 11-year-old Janiarha Johnson, and 12-year-old Kiyana Johnson.

RPD and the U.S. Marshal Service believe 50-year-old Mark Johnson and his wife Ice-Lynn Johnson have the children and are moving around between Rochester and Buffalo.

According to News 8 Cathy Harrison has not seen her three children with Mark Johnson – Marnaisha, Janiarha, and Kiyana Johnson since June.

Authorities are looking for a 2005 Chrysler 300 with NY license plate, HGB-8673 that belongs to Johnson.

If you have any information please call 911 immediately.

Recognize Rochester : The Chiles Feed the Children

A young God-fearing Rochester couple decided to give back to their community with weekly barbeques for the kids. Christian Chiles, 27 and Elizabeth Chiles, 28, sat at home one day discussing their desire to bless others how God has blessed them. The stay at home dad of two brainstormed with his wife, and they both agreed that providing food for the kids at local parks met their aspiration.

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