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Meet The New $217 Million Man In Sports – David Price

The Boston Red Sox have agreed to a seven-year deal with David Price worth $217 million. Price, who just became the highest paid pitcher in baseball history, has pitched great at Fenway Park (6–1 with a 1.95 ERA in 11 starts); he has excelled in the cauldron of the AL East (he is 29–4 on the road in Boston, New York, Baltimore and Toronto); he has maintained his velocity (his average four-seam velocity from last season of 94.9 mph was his best since 2012) But, went without winning any of his eight postseason starts. His teams lost every time he started a postseason game. (In fairness, they also scored 19 runs in those eight games.) Despite that Bill Pucko from the TV Show “Rochester Press Box” (and Red Sox Fan) Loves David Price. I talked to him about that; Kobe Bryant Retiring is Sad to See, But Great for Business and Aquinas Football.

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Written by Wake Up Club’s Tariq Spence

What Disability?

Majority of Americans have the ability to hear and to see but how about if you didn’t have those abilities? Would you be able to do the things that you do now? In the sports world, the answer now is, YES!

Much like America’s favorite pastime, Baseball, Beep Baseball is for the visually and hearing impaired all around the world.

In the recent week, Rochester was fortunate to host the 2015 NBBA World Series of Beep Baseball. Twenty-four teams from around the U.S., Canada and Taiwan are playing in this series.

In total, there are more than 500 men and women playing for a championship and the idea of inspiring others.

Beep Baseball, of course, is played a little different. For instance there are only two bases instead of three, first and third, and you have four strikes instead of three. The pitcher, and the catcher are all on the same team as the hitter. The pitcher is usually their coach or a person that is not visually impaired.

The manager of the Red Wings Beep Baseball team stated, “I was bad enough when I played little league and baseball and high school that I could see, but with a blindfold, it gives you a new sense of respect for all of these players.”

These individuals are always looked at with pity because they assume they don’t have a job and can’t do a lot of things but to everybody’s misjudgment they are typical people living typical lives with some even excelling.

They are today’s inspiration.