Stranger Things 2 Trailer

On Big Brother double eviction night Raven became super upset in tears crying because she was voted out. So she walked through the doors to talk to Julie Chen she throws her hands up and breaks into a cartwheel….

I thought wow okay that was odd, bizarre, and a bit strange and then BAM it hits me…  Stranger Things second season it’s should be about that time!!!  

Yes, yes, yes, yesssssss the wait is finally over!

Good thing I had Game of Thrones to keep me busy this summer, so busy I actually forgot about ST2. Thanks Raven!

Stranger Things 2 drops on Netflix October 27th woooo hooooo!!

This trailer literally gave me goosebumps it’s so good. Oh and peep how they used Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Uhhh when this drops who is going to go trick or treating?? Thanks Netflix for ruining some poor kids Halloween. #bingewatch #whoisyourbingebae