SMH… NBC’s Al Trautwig Apologizes For Tweet #TooLate

Simone Biles
Simone Biles

In the words of actor/humanitarian Jesse Williams “Just because were magic, does not mean we are not real.” Al Trautwig may I suggest you listen to Mr. Williams speech so you have a better perspective of your situation.

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After seeing Al Trautwig’s (NBC’s gymnastics announcer at the Rio Games) tweet stating Simone Biles grandparents are not her parents I had to take a deep breath and count to ten to say this. 

Yes Simone and her sister were both adopted by their grandparents after being in foster care. Yes their mother was addicted to drugs thus the reason they adopted and raised their grandchildren which makes them her parents.

Maybe you live under a rock Mr. Trautwig, maybe your just an ass but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt today that you are clueless at what you attempted to do – demean, belittle, an attempt to make this young woman out to be less than what she is – magical, extraordinary, a world champion!

So sir, yes we do exist, yes we are real, yes we are magical regardless of our circumstances. Some of us come from single parent homes, have drug addicted parents, grandparents or other family members raising us, we come from foster homes, some of us are poor, dropped out of high school but yet we’ve become phenomenally successful!

Just because we may not look like you or may not of had a similar upbringing we STILL can become champions in whatever we choose to do.

Mr. Trautwig you may despise this young woman’s exemplarily athleticism and I understand that congratulating someone can be extremely hard especially because you hate the fact that she is not what YOU expect her to be. I completely get that we all have “opinions.”

A word of advice no matter who it is don’t hate congratulate. Now let’s get back to the Olympics and watch this young lady astound us with her hard work, dedication, and athleticism because she is truly magic!

Simone Biles you rock!!!


– Reign