Singer Ryan Leslie Gives Up All His Musical Rights

Singer Ryan Leslie learned an age old lesson, never make a promise you can NOT keep.  

If you’ve been wondering why you haven’t heard any music from Ryan Leslie is because he no longer has the rights to his music past, present, and future.

Sounds crazy right?! Well not when you hear why.

Back in 2010 Leslie had his laptop stolen out of his vehicle while he was on tour overseas. He offered a $1 million dollar reward for the safe return of his computer because he had all of his music stored on it.

The Laptop was safely returned BUT it didn’t have any of Leslie’s music on it so he refused to pay the guy that returned it.

Armin Augstein, the man that returned the computer was not happy he didn’t get paid so he took things to court and the judge ruled in his favor.

Now here is where it get’s interesting. Leslie filed for bankruptcy shortly after the ruling but as of last week the judge said nope you shall pay regardless.

According to The Source documents filed last week  “all interest in Leslie’s musical rights and future royalty payments to Augstein for songs he produced, wrote or recorded.” That includes ALL the music he has ever done and will do until he pays $1.18 million to Augstein.

If Leslie does not pay at least $300K over the next 6 years Augstein will continue to have the rights to Leslie’s music.

Ryan Leslie has written and produced hits like Cassie – Me & U, Fabolous – You Be Killin’ Em. His own Grammy nominated work Addiction, Diamond Girl, and he has produced music for artist like Ne-Yo, Mary J. Blige, and Britany Spears.

Lesson of the day: Never EVER make a promise you can not keep it will cost you.