She’s Gotta Have It Reign’s Review

She’s Gotta Have It the Netflix series reboot by Spike Lee is absolutely magnificent.

As a matter of fact, the music in each episode (except the Frank Sinatra) is like you’re listening to WDKX from Stevie Wonder, Maxwell, Sade, Strafe, Isley Brothers, Floetry and more!

I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical because this is the remake of the original movie by Spike Lee from 1986 but I decided to give it a try and listen here it is so SO good.

You know it’s good when I’m up at 2:25am writing this blog and have to be at WDKX’s studio at 5:30am hahahaha.

Focus.. Okay so Nola Darling, played by DeWanda Wise whom is very beautiful, gives an enchanting performance that is unapologetic aka she is dope AF. #blackgirlmagic

If you are not familiar with the original let me prepare you. It is not your run of the mill series it’s like Sex In The City meets Scandal and Insecure.

Nola Darling is a passionate artist who is a free thinker that feels, sees, and expresses the strength of the black woman through her art but at times struggles to find her own inner strength. Through the series Nola deals with a traumatic experience along with her own insecurities all while juggling situationships with three men and a woman.

Oh yeah parents there is lots of sex so it’s defiantly not for kids.

I’m seven episodes in and I LOVE it!! Thank you Spike Lee and special thank you to his wife (Tonya Lewis Lee) who convinced him to remake She’s Gotta Have It

Here is the trailer.


After watching the second episode I have a question I would like to seriously have answered. Why do men feel like they can be disrespectful or get physical with a woman who does not want to talk to them, date them, etcetera??