S.O.B. – Had Enough To Worry About – New Study: Stress can increase the risk of cancer

A study out of Japan looked at thousands of men and women between 1990 and 2012.

For those who reported a lot of stress or a marked increase in stress, the risk of developing cancer was 20 percent higher.

I’ll be damned.  I was first thinking if this is just in Japan,  but hell they have a better dietary plan than we do.  Then I started thinking about family history and genetics.  Then I realize even posting this was stressful trying to find art work to go with this.

Researchers saw particularly high cases of liver and prostate cancer.

The study suggests that stress could weaken the immune system.


So forgive the wack post job,  figured go get some sleep.  Heard via another study that helps your immune system,  or maybe I am reading too many studies.