Remember Rachel Dolezal??.. She’s Still Not Black, Almost Homeless, And Has New Book

Rachel Dolezal is having a tough time finding employment and friends after lying about being black for years and holding a top position with the NAACP in Spokane, Washington.  

Dolezal said in a recent interview that she needs food stamps (which are now SNAP benefits) to feed her family and she may be homeless next month so her friend paid her rent for her.

The reason for her current struggle is the fact that no one will hire her even though she was offered jobs on reality tv and for porn movies. Dolezal also said she has lost a lot of her friends and does not feel accepted.

She said she applied for at least 100 jobs but no one has hired her and she went back to the University she used to work but the former colleague who interviewed her “pretended” not to know who she was.

Ummm..  Maybe because they thought you were black when they worked with you and now that you are “white” they can’t recognize you or maybe they were just simply giving you a dose of your own medicine. I mean, you did pretend to be someone else and lied about your entire life!

Honey, all you had to do was just be YOU. That’s all you had to do from the beginning and you would of been “accepted” and loved for who you are no matter if you are Black or White! *cues Michael Jackson song*

Maybe she will get her life together after she drops her book “In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World.”

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