Reign About Town: Geva Theatre “Steel Magnolias” Review

This weekend while out and about town I went to Geva Theatre Center to catch the classic Steel Magnolias directed by Skip Greer.

The play now running at Geva is a take on the 1989 movie inspired by Robert Harling’s family life which starred Sally Field, Dolly Parton, and Julia Roberts to name a few. 

Steel Magnolias is a story that connects six women through humor, love, loss, gossip, and true friendship in a small Louisianna town around the late 1980’s.

The set is of course Truvy’s Beauty Shop where the first scene kicks off with Truvy who tells her new hire Annelle “There is no such thing as natural beauty” one of the classic lines from the movie.

A few moments later comes Clairee played by the iconic actress Eve Plumb. For the younger generation who may not know exactly who Eve Plumb is she played Jan on one of the most recognized shows in American culture The Brady Bunch.

As soon as Eve Plumb hit the stage her colorful energy, experience, and grace was immediately felt.

I’m sure the woman sitting next to me thought I was a little off my rocker because I forgot Eve Plumb was in the show. So when she came out on stage I said “oh sh** that’s Jan” out loud and the lady sitting next to me giggled at my reaction saying honey it happens to the best of us.

Anyway, all of the women staring in the play were just magnificent!

Sandra Shipley (Ouiser), Becca Ballenger (Annelle), Anna Crivelli (Shelby), Brigitt Markusfeld (Truvy), and Elizabeth Ward-Land (M’Lynn) who rocked it in the last scene, wow.

Geva’s production of Steel Magnolias is exciting, powerful, and spicy!

You’ll get a good laugh and maybe a tear so make it a ladies night out, grab a drink or two, and enjoy the show you won’t be disappointed especially if you love the movie.

By the way Geva’s bar serves really good drinks just in case you didn’t know.

Oh and to the person did the wardrobe I loved the classic pink and white Reeboks Shelby had on.

Steel Magnolias runs through June 3. For tickets or information on the show click