#Recall Claire’s Makeup For kIds Test Positive For Asbestos

The popular accessory chain store Claire’s is pulling multiple products for it shelves after a mom discovered her 6 year-old daughter’s makeup kit contained asbestos.  

The mother of the six year-old, Kristi Warner just happens to be an attorney at the Deaton Law Firm and her boss, John Deaton is assisting her with this case.

So you know Warner is making sure she crosses her t’s and dots her i’s. They purchases seventeen more makeup kits from nine different states to have them tested. They all tested positive for the toxic cancer causing material Tremolite Asbestos.

After receiving this information Claire’s pulled the item’s from the shelves and posted a list of the products that have been recalled on their website. Click the link for the complete list http://www.claires.com/us/product-and-safety.html

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