Put Your Bid In! President Trump Is Catering To Mexican Detainees.. Literally

Wayment… President Trump was serious when he said he will have meals for detainees at the Mexican border. The Department of Homeland Security are officially soliciting bids for food service companies to provide meals for Mexican detainees.

You could get a bean and cheese tacos for breakfast.. Now is this adding salt to the wound? 

Anyways, this is not “fake news” at least we don’t think it is because it came from the desk of the President and Dept. of Homeland Security.

Here are some menu options:


Potato and egg in a flour tortilla
Ham and egg in a flour tortilla
Bean and cheese taco option


Turkey sandwiches
Chicken fajita

What are your thoughts?

Hold up!.. Who is paying for this again??

And do we have catering services for folks who already live in America that are in need of food?? #justsaying

Source: TMZ