One of the Two Twin Brothers Accused of Murder is Dismissed

One of the Two Twin Brothers Accused of Murder is Dismissed

Just about two months has passed since a teenager was brutally beaten and stabbed by two twin brothers in early June.

Trenton Nelson, the victim, was chased down by a North Clinton Ave pawn shop on June 2nd and was stabbed to death. The two who were accused of the murder were Juan Mojena and his twin brother Darvis Mojena. The grand jury indicted them on charges of 2nd degree murder June 15th.

It has been seven weeks since the teen was killed. He was only 16.

Now, one of the teens accused of murdering his classmate has had their murder charges dropped until further notice.

Stacy Kelly, the mother of the victim, was not in court on Monday for the first time since her son’s death.

She predicted that they were going to drop the charges for Juan Mojena.

“It seemed like the lawyer was really trying to push for this, and that they’re only trying to drag this out,” said Kelly.

Kelly and her family are going through a rough time awaiting the justice that deserves to be served for their beloved 16 year old who was killed by his former classmates and friends.

“How do you try to piece your life back together and then have to re-live it all over in January, That’s the hard part,” Kelly said.

The two brothers will remain in jail on no bail and will be back in court August 3rd.

written by : Sedria Thomas