Omarosa Wedding Postponed Because of Death Threats

Omarosa postponed her wedding because of death threats to her and her husband to be pastor John Allen Newman. March 25th was the date the wedding was rumored to go down in Jacksonville, Florida but the backlash from the church plus the threats via social media, emails, and calls pushed her to reschedule the ceremony.  

Omarosa Manigault currently serves as Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison with the Trump administration. Since President Trump’s endorsement she has faced a bunch of criticism and backlash which raised the concern for her safety with an incident of harassment while she out shopping with friends.

The date of the wedding has been moved to April 8th the same day as her appearance on the episode of Say Yes To The Dress. Omarosa also relocated the wedding to Washington, D.C. instead of Jacksonville.

I will say it must be nice to have your dress paid for and featured on Say Yes To The Dress. Now, as long as I have watched the show (thanks Tiffany) I’ve never heard of them actually paying for the dress but hey stranger things have happened or was it Trump happening.

Let me get back on course. So yeah if you plan on attending Omarosa’s weeding you will be required to have a background check plus pass the security protocols. The wedding will be held in an undisclosed location.