Olympics in Rio: Will it cause trouble?



Olympics in Rio is perfect when you have seriously dangerous viruses in the water that swimmers have to swim in, right? Sounds great.

The reasoning to have the Olympics in Rio is beyond me and it confuses me that they would have it in an area that lacks in hotels for the amount of people that the Olympics bring in and in an area which can cause athletes serious illness.

But hey, I’m not a part of the committee. Lol

On Tuesday the Olympic organizers promised that they would do testing in the water that the Olympic swimmers have to race in.

“The viral tests, we will do and we will repeat this because the most important (thing) for us is the health of the athletes,” Nuzman said in an interview in London. “We are working with our medical department and looking for this.”

I mean if the health of the athletes was the most important thing then why have it in a place with infected water.

Each time the Olympics comes around it is a hard time because searching for a venue is difficult. You need a host where there is enough space for tourists and spectators. Also, the Olympics not only makes the city money but also puts them in debt.

The Olympics in Rio is becoming an elongated process each and every day.

These tests come after a German Sailor fell really ill after sailing in the Rio waters for a pre-Olympic test.

All we can do is hope they get this problem solved so we can enjoy the Olympics on TV and for the sake of the athletes’ health!


Written by Sedria Thomas