Nurse That Was Arrested For Doing Her Job Receive’s Settlement

You remember the nurse in Utah that wouldn’t let the police draw blood from a patient who was unconscious and got arrested for it?! Well Alex Wubbels, the nurse settled with the University of Utah and the Salt Lake City police department for half a million!  

Wubbles will not file a legal law suit but has settled, the city will pay $250,000 and the school will pay the other $250,000.

Oh and the officer involved in the incident, Detective Jeff L. Payne was fired the police department and from his part-time gig as a paramedic.

The patient passed away a couple months after the incident at the hospital.

Wubbles said she will donate some of the settlement money to a new campaign that will help residents in Utah get the body camera footage of any interaction involving them and police for free.

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