New Basketball League Possibly Coming Soon

(XAVIER)– Lavar Ball is making headlines again with his most recent announcement, per ESPN sources he plans to launch a basketball league as an alternative to playing college basketball under the restrictive NCAA structure.

Lavar has stated that he intends to launch a basketball league for high school graduates as a alternative to going to college or in some cases ….. Overseas. I must say lavar is nothing if not creative. The NCAA has been making millions if not billions over the last 15-20 years on the back of college athletes and Lavar wants to change that.


He’s offering high school graduates an opportunity to make up to $10,000 for playing. This would count as a year removed from college, essentially making players eligible to enter the NBA draft that following summer.


Now could it be because of the judgement passed down on Lavar’s son LiAngelo Ball by UCLA for suspending him indefinitely ? Or the misunderstanding between Lavar and the new Chino Hills coach over LaMelo ?


Whatever made Lavar Ball decide to start his own basketball league I commend him because these college athletes have been used to make these uninversities billions only to not receive a dollar.


Now I may not always agree with Lavar Ball’s actions, choice of words or anything he does or says however that does not takeaway from the fact that he might really ruffle some feathers with this one …….. AND I CAN’T WAIT #firstteam !!!!!!