Mexican Judge Clears Man Of Sexual Assault Because He Didn’t Enjoy It

This has to be one of the most asinine judge rulings i’ve read about so far this year. Judge Anuar Gonzalez of Mexico ruled a 21 year old man not guilty of sexual assault or abuse pretty much because him and his 3 friends are parents of wealthy businessmen.

But wait it get’s worse…. 

The reason the Mexican judge ruled 21 year old, Diego Cruz not guilty was because he “allegedly” and a strong emphasis on allegedly did not get any enjoyment from it.

The girl was 17 at the time the assault happened. The victim was forced into a car with 4 men who were classmates of hers on January 1, 2015 where she was sexually assaulted.

Cruz said the victim was never “helpless” even though he sexually touched her. The judge cleared him of the charges stating Cruz was acting off of his “carnal instinct”. WTF???….

I guess in Mexico it’s okay to sexually abuse young women if you are well off smh…

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