Man Wrongly Imprisoned At 14 Years Old Exonerated After 27 Years

In 1991, John Bunn was arrested for killing an off-duty correction officer in Brooklyn, NY. He was only 14 years old at the time and sentenced to prison serving 17 years for a crime he did not commit.

John Bunn was released on parole in 2009 but continued to fight for his innocence.

That fight paid off Tuesday when Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge Shawndya Simpson exonerated Mr. Bunn after 27 years.

Judge Simpson criticized the the system and how the case was handled stating “In one day they picked a jury, they had openings, they had witnesses, and a conclusion on a murder trial which I do not consider justice at all.”

Very emotional moment for Mr. Bunn.

One lesson Mr. Bunn has shown us through his journey is never ever give up no matter what opposition you face you can never lose heart or the courage to fight for what you know is right.

The last thing I’d like to add is the fact that the Judge who threw Mr. Bunn’s original conviction out in 2016 and granted him retrial is detrimental to ‘us’ creating change from the inside the system.

If we are not in the position we NEED to be in we simply can not change a system that we know is broken, corrupt, and against ‘us’.

We have to have a seat at the table or bench in this case, if we don’t we will continue to lose and fall victim to systematic oppression, racism, etc.

We must begin teach our young folks to aspire to be more than athletes, artists, and entertainers on a larger scale – flood the system. And NO I am NOT knocking anyone or coming down on anyone that follows those aforementioned paths at ALL, however, the fact is even they can only do so much. Yes, they can use their platform to get a story heard or information out but that is about it they can NOT reverse a court decision or write a bill into law.

The POWER does not come from money, or likes, or music, or sports, it comes from the people who make the law, who control the law, who write the law, and who uphold the law.

You can be a billionaire, a CEO, shoot you can even be Beyoncé or Oprah but you still have to answer to the United States Government and that’s LAW. #politics